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Kat Kroll has been teaching T'ai Chi for the past 37 years. She is a graduate of Mills College, is a disciple of 19th generation Master Zhang Xue Xin. Kat has studied Yang and Chen styles as well as fan and sword forms. She performed in 2007 in Beijing, China. Tai Chi Comics chronicles her martial arts escapades. Still studying, teaching and practicing her form daily, she has become one of the senior Tai Chi practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Kat to take a T'ai Chi workshop.

Redwood Kroll has pioneered creative applications of technology through teaching and design. After running the world's first human potential camp with Kat from 1971-1985, he developed San Francisco State's computer graphics program from 1984-2004. Redwood has been the Producer at Kroll Comics, and is currently at work at his 99th comic book. He likes hearing from old friends and making new ones. Contact Redwood with feedback.

Zoey Kroll (AKA SuperGreen) is an artist, ecology instructor, social media strategist, and user experience designer. She is currently growing an alphabet garden with vegetables from A-to-Z. Join Zoey in the Photo Adventure Club: eat watermelon, make new friends, and get your picture taken in a corn field in the city. "Eco-superhero Zoey Kroll connects dirt with technology to bring life to the street."- San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 11, 2010.